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Speed limit sign showing 40 mph against a sunset sky | Speed - J. Dakar

Two years ago, I got a speeding ticket.

I can’t recall the details (no, seriously!), but my $183.75 email receipt, which included the $8.75 “convenience fee” allowing me to pay online with a credit card, says it was less than 25 miles per hour over the limit.

Before getting that ticket, I had plenty of warnings about my speed; I was overdue for one, in all honesty.


Where Do I Begin?

Man walking | Where Do I Begin? - J. Dakar

It’s always hard for me to write a post after a hiatus because I struggle to fill you in on everything that’s happened with me during the absence, and it often tends to turn into a lengthy exposition.

Such is the case when you no longer blog daily, but who has time for that?

All jokes aside, I fully intend to commit to publishing something here at least once a week, so that should help until I take another hiatus. LOL


Things Done Changed

Time for Change sign with LED light | Things Done Changed - J. Dakar

When I relaunched (again) in July, I intended to return to the way blogging used to be for me before I got paid to do it. It sounded good, but I’m not the person I was when I first began blogging. I was a child; I blogged before I could drive. I had all the time in the world with no obligations, so I could write a lot and often.



Brown wooden letters spell CHAOS | Coping - J. Dakar

This isn’t the post I planned to publish at this time, but my editorial calendar has been shot since July, just one month after I started blogging again. Plus, if 2020 has taught me anything, sometimes an adjustment is required to continue moving forward. So, this entry feels necessary.

The thing is that I can’t complain.

I’m in the best shape of my life thus far and improving each day.

My beard is flourishing, albeit with a few streaks of gray making an appearance.

I’ve been killing it at work so much that I earned two awards in as many months and recognition that my organization couldn’t succeed or even function without me.

Life is good, except when it isn’t.


No Plan

Man near wave | No Plan - J. Dakar

Sometimes these things happen. That’s the case with the four-month gap since my last post.

Fiscal year-end is always busy, but this year forced me to Oliver Pope like never before while trying to find a balance.

That required another break from the web, but, as Jewel mentioned to me this summer, it offered an opportunity to gain clarity and help me be more effective.


Trying to Find a Balance


In mid-March, we began working entirely remotely following the World Health Organization’s designation of COVID-19 as a pandemic. Before then, I worked from home most mornings and spent the afternoons in the office. I realize how fortunate I am to have such an accommodating schedule. Plus, I LOVE what I do! So much so that I’ve often worked well beyond the typical 40-hour workweek. The pandemic’s impact on our work necessitated some of that, but a lot of it was because I wasn’t able to stop working when the workday was supposed to end. 

I spent a few weeks out of the office, which allowed me to reflect on how I could achieve balance when I returned to work.

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