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No Plan

Man near wave | No Plan - J. Dakar

Sometimes these things happen. That’s the case with the four-month gap since my last post.

Fiscal year-end is always busy, but this year forced me to Oliver Pope like never before while trying to find a balance.

That required another break from the web, but, as Jewel mentioned to me this summer, it offered an opportunity to gain clarity and help me be more effective.


Trying to Find a Balance


In mid-March, we began working entirely remotely following the World Health Organization’s designation of COVID-19 as a pandemic. Before then, I worked from home most mornings and spent the afternoons in the office. I realize how fortunate I am to have such an accommodating schedule. Plus, I LOVE what I do! So much so that I’ve often worked well beyond the typical 40-hour workweek. The pandemic’s impact on our work necessitated some of that, but a lot of it was because I wasn’t able to stop working when the workday was supposed to end. 

I spent a few weeks out of the office, which allowed me to reflect on how I could achieve balance when I returned to work.

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