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Two years ago, I got a speeding ticket.

I can’t recall the details (no, seriously!), but my $183.75 email receipt, which included the $8.75 “convenience fee” allowing me to pay online with a credit card, says it was less than 25 miles per hour over the limit.

Before getting that ticket, I had plenty of warnings about my speed; I was overdue for one, in all honesty.

I hadn’t paid much attention to speed limit signs before that point, and I had road rage. Shameful (and dangerous)!

But getting that ticket did two things for me:

  1. It stressed the need to slow down and pay attention to the signs.
  2. It reminded me how much I hate paying for nothing in return.

Why am I telling you about a two-year-old speeding ticket?

Two reasons:

  1. I’m making good on my desire to publish something here every week, but this week was a challenge.
  2. I’ll connect the dots and tell you all about it in a future entry.

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